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Théo Tobiasse

Théo Tobiasse, un artista de renombre mundial, nac


Théo Tobiasse

Painter, sculptor, photographer

Théo Tobiasse, a world-renowned artist, was born in Israel (then Palestine) in 1927 and died in 2012.  Brought to Paris as a child, he created his earliest drawings before World War II and spent the crucial years of his youth hiding from the Nazis in a Paris apartment. After the war he became a successful commercial designer until 1961 when he decided to devote his full attention to painting. Theo Tobiasse's style of painting is highly sophisticated. Tobiasse's technique is a painterly blend of surrealism, expressionism, and modern primitivism. His themes are literary, often biblical, and at times erotic. Tobiasse paintings seem to transcend history - fusing dreams, mythologies, biblical stories and his own past - into rich metaphors for the world of the present.  

AMERICA, litografía de edición limitada del artista israelí-francés Theo Tobiasse

Aida Levitan, Ph.D. Presidenta de ArtesMiami, Inc., donará a ArtesMiami el monto total de la venta de AMERICA, litografía de edición limitada del internacionalmente reconocido artista israelí-francés Theo Tobiasse. La obra tiene un hermoso marco dorado; es de 50x40 pulgadas (127x102 cm) y está numerada: 18/175. Tobiasse la firmó abajo en la derecha. Para informaciónm favor de comunicarse con Miguel Angel Guerrero, Guerrero Galería en Coral Gables,  +1.786.773.3282 o escribirle a:

Price: $9000.00 USD