Rodrigo de La Luz

Author: Rodrigo de La Luz

Mio Mundo

"Mio Mundo," as poet-artist Rodrigo de la Luz might say, attempts to bring us closer to his surrealistic world, at once tragic and humourous.  Critic Luis de la Paz points out that it is about a place that has invented itself and reinvents itself--not at all elegiacal or rhetorical.

In de la Paz's opinion, this third book consolidates the voice of a poet who has laughed at everyone, including himself, who has rescued all that has been buried behind him, and has included this reality in his poetry.  De la Luz has managed to bring dignity to the simplest objects and the most common words.  Better than any chronicler of his day, with this book, he leaves us with an eye-witness account of the epoch in which he has been chosen to live.

"Mio Mundo" is the third collection of poems from Rodrigo de la Luz, recognized as one of most distinguished poets and artists of the Cuban Exile.  A resident of Miami, and born in Las Villas, Cuba in 1969, he has previously published two books of poetry: "Poesia Viva" (Editorial Ultramar, 2008), and Mujer de Invierno in 2003.  "Poesia Viva" has received critical acclaim and Rodrigo has been invited to read his poetry at the Miami Book Fair International, the Hispano-Cubana Foundation of Madrid, the Key Biscayne Community Center, the Foundation for Public Libraries in Miami-Dade,  Miami Sunset Senior High School, and Books & Books in Coral Gables and Miami Beach.

Various exhibitions of his work as a visual artist have taken place at the Spanish Cultural Center, Galeria Cremata, Galería del Medio, Save the Children Gala and at the Key Biscayne Community Center.

In 2007, he presented his short stories in the Storytellers' Festival in Miami.  He has collaborated on various travel articles for El Nuevo Herald as a photographer.

Rodrigo de la Luz was raised in Havana, Cuba.  He trained at the National Theatre of Cuba under the tutelage of the dramatist and professor Ignacio Gutierrez.  He arrived in Miami in 1998 after 13 different attempts to leave Cuba.