Several authors

Author: Several authors

Hialeah Haikus

 The Poetry Book of the Year according to New Times Miami  “Sopa de pollo, Vivaporub on the chest,Bye-Bye Catarro”.

So goes one of a collection of hilarious, poignant, and at times even satirical or nostalgic haiku poems found in Editorial Ultramar’s latest publication:  "Hialeah Haikus".  (http://www.hialeahhaikus.com).
Put together by Foryoucansee—a collective of young, native Miami artists—the book combines ancient Japanese short-form poetry with a certain je ne sais quoi only familiar to those of us raised in the 305!

“ITT said no.
Cordon Bleu said no (for now).
Gonna be a cop.”
It’s a small book, great for coffee table perusing (or restroom reading), and at $10, makes a great gift to anyone who gets what Miami is all about.

“Like, bro, why, bro, why
For real, bro, seriously
Man, bro, like, come on”

The book has twice been presented to standing room only crowds at Books and Books in Coral Gables, and has received much attention and accolades from local media and Miami enthusiasts.  Here are a few of the things that have been written about the book:

“A book of poetry that only a Miamian can appreciate.” –NBC Miami


“Seventeen syllables at a time, the writers try to celebrate the Miami culture they know and grew up with. That's not the slick image of South Beach from television, but the Cuban-American culture that pulses in the suburbs of Kendall, at the spring formal at Belen Jesuit prep school or in the agua, fango y factoria of Hialeah (a less-than-flattering reference to the city's water, mud and factories).” –The Miami Herald

Read more: http://www.miamiherald.com/2010/08/03/v-print/1760021/haiku-artists-reunite-to-move.html#ixzz0xf6VwDi4

“The poets commandeered Japanese-style poetry to convey distinct, hilarious Miami flavor. “ –The Miami New Times