ArtesMiami announced $60,000 in grants to documentary filmmakers

March 16, 2023

ArtesMiami has designated a donation of $60,000 in grants in 2022-2023 to documentary filmmakers of Cuban-American origin or who are producing work about the Cuban diaspora. The six winning recipients received 75% of the grant upon being selected and will receive 25% upon completing the documentary. 

The following documentary filmmakers were selected by a jury of film professionals assembled by producers Kareem Tabsch and Alex Fumero:

Ricardo Bacallao, "Bebo"

Pedro Gonzalez, "Dope Tavío"

Lieter Ledesma, "Adiós de la Esperanza"

Leanne Russell, "En el valle solo los gorriones son libres"

Melinda Raebyne, "Ellos gritan Libertad"

Ed Talavera, "Carne Viva"

The Miami Film Festival presented two of the documentaries on March 6 & 7th, respetively: Journey to Hope  ("Adiós de la Esperanza") and "Bebo."

The grant was made possible by a donation from ArtesMiami President Aida Levitan, of $50,000 and a $10,000 donation for administrative services from the Knight Foundation. If you want to support ArtesMiami, please go to Home and click on Support Us. Thank you very much.