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ArtesMiami presented a cultural event for children in coordination with the Cuatrogatos Foundation.

January 14, 2021

ArtesMiami, through a program sponsored by the City of Miami (Mayor Francis Suárez and Commissioners), presented a cultural event for children that took place on January 14 at the Mater Center, in coordination with the Cuatrogatos Foundation.

That day, the writer Antonio Orlando Rodríguez, winner of the Alfaguara Novel Prize and author of numerous works of children's literature published in different countries, visited the main headquarters of Centro Mater to talk with children of the institution and read them some of the stories and poems.

As a complement to this activity, Rodríguez recorded a video that will be seen by all the children from the other headquarters of the Mater Center. In addition, ArtesMiami made a donation to the Mater Center and the Cuatrogatos Foundation, which gave the Center a collection of children's books in Spanish.

Centro Mater was founded in 1968 by Sister Margarita Miranda Otero - a religious member of the Sacred Heart in Cuba - to help with childcare services for the new families of Cuban exiles arriving in Miami. Currently, Centro Mater has several branches, has expanded its scope and provides its services annually to more than 1,200 children from low-income families of any nationality, religion or race.

This event was presented by ArtesMiami, a non-profit organization, led by Dr. Aida Levitan. If you wish to recommend another school located within the municipality of Miami, to which we could make a similar presentation, please contact