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Editorial Ultramar Launches Miami Hispanic Poetry Collection

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MIAMI, Nov. 5 /PRNewswire/ -- Editorial Ultramar, the Miami-based publishing division of the non-profit Hispanic Events, Inc., will launch \"La Ciudad de la Unidad Posible, Seleccion Poetica de Miami\" (\"The City of Possible Unity, A Collection of Miami Poetry\"), a book featuring more than 100 Spanish-language poems by 32 Hispanic writers. The editor and publisher, Dr. Aida Levitan, will present the book during the Miami Book Fair International at 4 p.m. on November 8th, Room 2106, Miami Dade College, 300 NE Second Avenue, Miami. Dr. Carlos Rojas -- winner of Spain\'s Premio Planeta, Premio Nadal, and the National Literary Award -- will speak at the event since he is the author of the book\'s preface.

Each poet present will read one poem from the book.\"We are very pleased with the quality of this publication,\" said Aida Levitan. \"Some of South Florida\'s most experienced literary critics and professors chose the best poets and poems for \'La Ciudad de la Unidad Posible\', and the result is inspiring as well as illustrative of the great poetry being produced in this area.\" The title of the book, suggested by literary critic Luis de la Paz, was inspired by a verse written in Miami by Juan Ramon Jimenez, the Spanish poet who won the Nobel Prize for Literature. Dr. Levitan, President of Hispanic Events, Inc., and VictoriaLondon, Honorary Consul of Romania, underwrote the printing of the book. Also contributing to the publication were: The Levitan Group, Inc.and the Aetna Foundation. The book will sell at the launch event, for $15 each, or by contacting
levitanbiz@gmail.com. PR Newswire has donated the news release distribution.

The poets in \"La Ciudad de la Unidad Posible\" include both well-known and new poets. They are: Armando Alvarez Bravo, Silvio Ambrogi Roman, Rubi Arana, Manuel Castro Perez, Francisco J. Corces, Julie de Grandy, Rodrigo de la Luz, Odaliz de Leon, Amelia del Castillo, Raul Dopico, Julio Estorino, Jose Emilio Fernandez, Orlando Ignacio Fernandez, Ramon Fernandez-Larrea, Alejandra Ferrazza, Vicente Forte Sillie, Denis Fortun, Marlene Fuentes Lopez, Teresita Herrera Muina, Rolando Jorge, Magda Kraw,Felix Lizarraga, America Mara Manzano, Rodolfo Martinez Sotomayor,Angel Antonio Moreno, Ernesto Ravelo Garcia, Orlando Rossardi,Janisset Rivero, Mariblanca Quinones de la Osa, Jose Soroa, Elena Tamargo and Manuel Vazquez Portal.

Editorial Ultramar has the mission of publishing and promoting the work of Hispanic poets in the United States. Its first publication, in 2008, was
\"Poesia Viva\" by Rodrigo de la Luz, on sale at www.artesmiami.org.Editorial Ultramar is part of the 501(c)3 organization Hispanic Events, Inc., which is dedicated to providing funding and marketing services to Hispanic artists and cultural organizations.

Information: Aida Levitan, info@artesmiami.org