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Herencia Hispana - June 15, 2013

Interview with Francisco Tardío, the young new director of the Spanish Cultural Center (CCEMiami).  Mr. Tardío explains the mission and activities of the Center, most of which are free to the public.

Herencia Hispana - June 1st, 2013

Julián Linares interviews TV personality Lucy Pereda, who has been called the Martha Stewart of the U.S. Hispanic market.

Herencia Hispana - May 25, 2013

Julián Linares interviews Aida Levitan, his co-host, about the latest activities of ArtesMiami y especialmente sobre el Smithsonian Latino Center.   Later they are joined by Mayor Tomás Regalado, City of Miami, whose "portrait" is featured in this program.

Herencia Hispana - May 4, 2013

Interview with Miami Beach Commmissioner Michael Gongora, Cuban-American from Miami.  Commissioner Gongora is an attorney who has been active in the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce, where he served as President.

Herencia Hispana - April 27, 2013
Herencia Hispana - April 13, 2013

Rosa Townsend, one of the most respected Spanish journalists in Miami and Spain, is interviewed by Julián Linares in "Herencia Hispana" on WAQI-710 AM.  She is currently the political editor of Yahoo en español.

Herencia Hispana - Feb 16, 2013

Aida Levitan and Julián Linares host "Herencia Hispana," a radio program on WAQI-710 AM.  Aida explains the activities of ArtesMiami at the beginning of the program, especially with reference to the Perez Art Museum Miami.  Later they interview Willy Bermello, a prominent Cuban-American architect and urban developer based in Miami.  

Herencia Hispana - Feb 9, 2013

"Herencia Hispana," hosted by Julián Linares and Aida Levitan, interview Dr. Roberto Heros and Ana Picaza.  Roberto C. Heros, M.D. is a professor and co-chair of neurological surgery and residency program director at the University of Miami Medical School.  Ana Picaza is one of the pioneers of Miami Hispanic media, having created with Frank Soler a magazine called Miami Mensual in the 1970s.

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