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Convergencia, a new poetry book by Judit Arvesu

By: Judit Arvesu

Editorial Ultramar, the publishing division of ArtesMiami, Inc., has just published "Convergencia," a poetry book by Judit Arvesu, who arrived in Miami from Cuba in 2012. Persecuted by the Castro regime for defending human rights, Arvesu is a talented poet whose book has been praised by writer Regis Iglesias:

Hialeah Haikus

By: Several authors

 The Poetry Book of the Year according to New Times Miami  “Sopa de pollo, Vivaporub on the chest,Bye-Bye Catarro”.

Mio Mundo

By: Rodrigo de La Luz

"Mio Mundo," as poet-artist Rodrigo de la Luz might say, attempts to bring us closer to his surrealistic world, at once tragic and humourous.  Critic Luis de la Paz points out that it is about a place that has invented itself and reinvents itself--not at all elegiacal or rhetorical.

La Ciudad de la Unidad Posible

By: Several authors

Poetry is alive and well thanks to the Miami- based non-profit publishing organization Editorial Ultramar. La Ciudad de la Unidad Posible (Miami, 2009), is a diverse collection of South Florida Spanish- language poetry. The title of the book is inspired by a phrase from Espacio, a poem in prose by Juan Ramún Jiménez, winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature. With this phrase, Jimé nez described the Miami of the 1940s.

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