ArtesMiami & Manolis Projects Gallery Honored Chairman María Bechily

March 16, 2023

Manolis Projects Gallery and Artes Miami sponsored a reception in honor of María Bechily, the new Chaiarman of ArtesMiami, the non-profit entity founded in 1995 by philanthropist Aida Levitan, with the purpose of supporting and promoting artists and cultural organizations. Hispanics in South Florida.

Maria Bechily will further develop its mission: to promotes Hispanic artists and cultural organizations. To date ArtesMiami has donated more than $2.7 million in services and cash to manyl institutions and artists, mainly in South Florida.

“We thank Manolis Projects Gallery for the wonderful party in honor of María Bechily, our new Chairman, chosen by our board of directors, which includes some of the most important leaders in Miami,” said Dr. Aida Levitan, founder of the nonprofit organization., During the event Dr. Levitan and Maria Bechily announced the creation nof the ArtesMiami Film Fund, which will donate $60,000 in grants to documentary filmmakers. Among the documentaries chosen are: DIARIO LAS AMÉRICAS' Journey to Hope, directed by Lieter Ledesma (about Operation Pedro Pan) and produced by Iliana Lavastida; and "Bebo," about the legendary pianist Bebo Valdés, directed by Ricardo Bacallao, a Cuban exile director who resides in Berlin. Both were selected for the Miami Film Festival.

“When we founded Artes Miami, this was a very vibrant city, but today it has become an international center for art, culture, technology, finance and business. We could never have imagined the relevance that this city currently has in the world”, added Levitan. 

Bechily expressed her pride about having been chosen for this important cultural position. She added that, “We are going to support the production of "Cecilia Valdés", Cuba's most famous zarzuela, to be presented by Martí Productions, in August 2023 and many other important cultural projects."

In 2022 ArtesMiami donated cash and promotional services to the Coral Gables Museum (Raúl de Molina exhibition); to the exhibition of 'Cuban Landscapes', held at the Florida International University (FIU); and to PAMM's exhibition of the works of Argentinean artist Leandro Erlich.

About Maria Bechily

A leader in the world of public relations in Chicago and a philanthropist, Cuban-American María Bechily came to settle in the City of the Sun in order to strengthen Miami's position as an international artistic and cultural center.

“I am very happy to be living in Miami. We know that in the Miami-Dade area the arts contribute millions of dollars through Art Basel, Art Miami Week, among other events, and I feel honored to be here. I am impressed with how this city has developed and the wonderful diversity it has. Miami is consecrated as one of the most international cities in the world where Latin America, Europe, Asia, etc. converge. Without a doubt, Miami is a wonderful city to live in,” said María Bechily.

It should be noted that in addition to her work in the world of advertising, Bechily also stood out as a television presenter, work for which her programs received two nominations for the EMMY Awards. In addition, the new Chairman of ArtesMiami has extensive experience in government and public policy, and is currently on the board of the Pérez Art Museum Miami, and is a life trustee of the Goodman Theater and the Northwestern Memorial Foundation.